Are you searching for a program for students of basic and high schools or universities? Do you want to make use of the period of school holidays or do you want to illustrate your lecture with a proper film? Do you want to widen your knowledge of world cinema? Would you like to stray further into film education and add the world of film to your students’ list of interests? You’ve come to the right place then.

- choose a film from the current or future program
- we can also special screenings of films which are not included in our current programs
- capacity: kino Aero 336 seats, kino Světozor 356 seats, Bio Oko 280 seats

Booking and payment terms:

- admission 40–70 Kc
- teachers/accom­pannying adults – free admission
- payment in cash or by bank transfer

Please contact us:

Linda Arbanová
T: +420 608 960 016
E: aeroskola@kinoaero.cz

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